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Huahai products are sold abroad

        According to statistics, our city can produce 4 billion hangers a year, marketing the country, and sold across the ocean to Asia, Europe, the United States, Australia four continents dozens of countries and regions。Output and export volume accounted for 70% of the national market share of similar products。There are more than 200 hangers manufacturing enterprises, including 27 large-scale enterprises, with an annual gross production value of more than 8 billion。

According to Guilin News network

        Huahai now has 800 employees, we used to have more than a dozen people 30 years ago, the production capacity is 100,000 half a year, 200,000 a year, we can now produce 300,000 a day, our current daily output is the output of the previous year。

  In addition to Huahai Company, Huahai, Maojia, Qiaotian and other enterprises in our city have also experienced a similar development process。With the rapid development of the hanger industry in our city, it has promoted the rapid development and growth of enterprises, increased financial revenue, provided a large number of jobs, led to the development of forestry and packaging, hardware accessories production and other related industries, really achieved the development of a, driven a, formed an industrial chain development model。